Are you ready to be whatever you want to?

At the School of Improv we love improv comedy. Our teachers are some of the most experienced in Denmark. We simply love to teach and we hope you would love to be taught. We have three different classes with our own teachers and sometimes awesome people from England, US and Canada visit us and share their improv wisdom. 

Next class: April 21st

The School of Improv CPH's second cource will be about: EMOTIONS IN CHARACTERS and is designed for people with improv experience, who wants to be better at creating and playing truthful characters.


Improv Comedy is much more than having fun.
With the improv tools you'll be a better communicator, listener, collaborator, develop a creative mind and lose control.

At this cource you will work with:
- Characterwork
- Truthfull emotions
- Non verbal communication
- Simpel and efficient choices

You don't need to be an experienced actor. Actually most of our students are just looking for a place to learn stuff about themselves while having fun.

So if you have the courage to be present and work with people in groups to improvise scenes about anything.. then.. well you should sign up now.
We garantee a safe enviroment, where you can lose control and experience a whole new side of yourself.

The class takes place at Lygten Station 7pm-10pm
April: 21st+28th
May: 5th+19th+26th
June: 2nd+9th
AND it will all end with a show on the 16th 8pm.


Rolando Yunquera
Skilled improviser and owner of QbicCircle.

Martin Winther-Zarp
Huge improv nerd with a great deal of knowledge within theoretical and practical performing arts.
He is an educated improvisor from iO Chicago, drama pedagogue and has a Master's degree in Theater and Performance studies from the University of Copenhagen, where he wrote his thesis on improvisation and embodied cognition.
As a teacher he knows that noone is the same, so he focusses on each student's needs and highlights their individual
strengthes for the benefit of the group.
He has played improv since 2009 and he continues to challenge him self. When he plays he always go for the perfect comedy without easy shortcuts.

The price is 1.400 DKK and you can pay through Mobilepay 68877 (name+English) or bank transfer (ask)
Then write a mail to, so we can confirm your payment.

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